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Harnessing Digital Product Passports to Enhance Circular Business Models

🌎 As part of the EU's Green Deal, the EU Commission is introducing the Digital Product Passport Regulation (DPP) to achieve climate neutrality by 2050. This initiative enhances circular business models by promoting product sustainability and facilitating services such as repair, resale, and recycling conditions.

Join us on June 18th at 1 PM CET for an insightful webinar on harnessing digital product passports to enhance circular business models. Discover best practices and real-world use cases, and learn how to leverage these passports to create new business opportunities.

In this webinar, we will present technical solutions and platforms to create the perfect customer journey. You will learn how beyond compliance to upcoming regulations, your brand can use digital product passports to:

  • Provide customers with transparency on product manufacturing and traceability through the supply chain
  • Maintain a direct, ongoing connection with your product holders, offering access to unique and exclusive experiences, beyond compliance
  • Manage product relationships throughout the entire lifecycle
  • Generate new revenue streams with higher margins and increased client engagement
  • Create new business opportunities through value-added services such as repair, resale, rental, and remanufacturing

With industry experts:

➡️ Mélanie Bradaia, Lead Fashion & Luxury at Arianee

➡️ Laura Bréban, Co-Founder of Trace for Good

➡️ Davide Giunta, Sales Manager at Temera

Language: English

Digital product passports webinar - Trace For Good, Arianee, Temera

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