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Transforming the Retail Industry through Supply Chain Traceability and CSR Excellence.

Who Are We?

Trace For Good is a traceability and social and environmental data management software that enables retail brands to collaborate with their suppliers through a single source of information. By meeting the constraints and practices of each profession, our solution ensures the commitment of all industry players.
Trace For Good at Tech For Retail
Trace For Good office
Trace For Good office
Laura Bréban, Léa Gillet, Trace For Good Co-Founders

A purpose-driven company.

Our mission is to lay the foundations for an ambitious social and environmental transformation by enabling the retail industry to be more transparent.

Trace For Good is a mission-driven company with the purpose of making traceability possible for all retail products, to standardize the monitoring of social and environmental indicators, and to allow:

Reduction of the environmental impact of products

Improvement of social conditions for workers

Development of comparison standards and ratings to generalize extra-financial reporting and guide consumers in their purchasing decisions

Trace For Good

Here are the 3 values chosen by the Trace For Good team, those we want to embody for our employees and our clients!


Do what you say and say what you do #no bullshit

Sense of responsibility

Be aware of your impact, be able to improve it

Team spirit and mutual success

Striving for excellence, accepting imperfection

Choose operational excellence by industrializing your traceability, compliance and impact calculations.

Trace For Good is recruiting Tech, Operations and Business Development profiles.

We offer you a job that makes sense, an immersion in the ecosystem of impact start-ups, a team that cares about your professional development and great initiatives to launch with a lot of responsibilities.