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The sustainability data enrichment software that accelerates product and supplier knowledge for forward-looking brands.

Reach industry-leading sustainability through accurate, enriched CSR data.

Achieve industry-leading traceability and effortless CSR compliance
What is
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Trace For Good is the upstream supply chain traceability and CSR data management software that enables brands and suppliers to collaborate in real time from a single, standardized and verified source of information.

Our mission is to help companies effortlessly gain visibility in their supply chains, backed by trustworthy data.

Get a head start on traceability.

Secure accurate product and supply chain data effortlessly. Stay compliant, minimize manual efforts—essential for success!

Poorly managed traceability
Excessive energy drained on mundane tasks leading to a heightened risk of human errors
Constant firefighting when sharing information due to system non-interoperability
Last minute escalations when a scandal happens with important financial, production disruption and image risks
Operational and regulatory context changing faster than team’s ability to analyse it
Systematic, internal traceability processes
Real time visibility and monitoring on global performance and priority issues
AI-assisted automations to save time on tedious tasks
Cross teams collaboration and strengthened relationships with suppliers and partners
Full control over data ownership, enabling limitless analysis and communication avenues
Scenario analysis to schedule future impact and performance

Differenciated tech capabilities to make each stakeholder’s life easier.

The reference platform for tracing the supply chain of your products and their components right back to the origin of the material.

End-to-end, recursive traceability

Production sites mapping from finished product to material source

Real-time data enrichment

A solution that guarantees data ownership and real-time visibility

Data reliability and verification

AI-powered algorithms and consistency checks to ensure high data quality

Data standardisation protocol

Streamlined import and export processes tailored to brand and partners' information systems

Multiple use cases

Multiple use cases, including compliance, LCA, risk analysis, communication, and more

Document management

Automated certificates management of all types

Our process

2 weeks

Kick off

  • We onboard teams and determine the right data governance processes

  • We connect to your IT systems, in and out, via FTP file exchange or API to automate traceability from day 1

  • We proceed to the app settings to adapt traceability and document requests to your needs and objectives

2 - 8 weeks

Data enrichment through traceability

  • Customized requests and reminders are automatically send to suppliers and reminders are sent until data is validated

  • Requests are adapted to product, component or material type, production step and clients objectives

  • Clients get real time visibility on information collected


Analysis & communication

  • Data ownership allows you to reuse all data gathered on the platform

  • Communicate on information collected, internally and externally

  • Benefit from our network of partners for communication, carbon accounting and life cycle analysis

Thorough knowledge of your industry.

A team of business experts to support your company and its suppliers, including regulatory watch, and a constant updating of the software.