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Traceability and CSR data collection

A traceability tool adapted to the challenges of your industry

Recursive, multi-component traceability

Real time cooperation with suppliers

Data confidentiality management with access-level control

Traceability and CSR data collection
Regulatory compliance

Regulatory compliance

A tool updated to existing and upcoming regulations to ensure the compliance of all your products

Collection and structuring of information for AGEC law, Environmental labelling, CSRD, Anti-Deforestation law, Forced labour regulations

Interface to monitor your products through the compliance process

Tailored supplier data request templates

Audits and certificates management

Features designed to simplify all aspects of certificate management

Certificates validity check

Manage all types of documents: scope certificates, transaction certificates, audit results

Reminders and notification systems

Audits and certificates management
Impact assessmentImpact assessmentImpact assessment

Impact assessment

The tool to get the most reliable data for impact assessment

Eco-score calculation in line with regulatory changes

Replicability of impact calculations to all your references

Eco-design assistance tool with scenario analysis manager

Multi-channel communication

Bundled compliance and due diligence data into a digital product passport for effective and reliable information sharing

Customized formatting and content for product sheets

Selective information sharing with customers

Management of historical data

Multi-channel communication.Multi-channel communication
Supply chain risk assessmentSupply chain risk assessmentSupply chain risk assessment

Supply chain risk assessment

An assessment methodology to anticipate risks and identify the most reliable partners

CSR risks corrected with certifications and collected proofs of engagement

Structured information to streamline audits and make responsible sourcing easy

Notification systems for identified risks in supply chains

Thorough knowledge of your industry.

A team of business experts to support your company and its suppliers, including regulatory watch, and a constant updating of the software.