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Jonak x Trace For Good

Marie Petitalot
Marie Petitalot
Market intelligence analyst
Published on
September 26, 2023

Here we explain how Trace For Good customer Jonak automated its traceability to offer consumers greater transparency and anticipate the AGEC law, with 80% of products compliant in just 1 month.

Jonak project coordinator:
Juliette Rose, Quality & CSR Manager

The Art of Elegance in Shoes

Founded in the 1960s, Jonak is one of the great names in French footwear. With a strong family tradition and know-how handed down from generation to generation, the brand has evolved with the times, while preserving its attachment to high-quality leather. It offers a varied range of shoes that combine sophistication, comfort and environmental ethics.

In this quest for excellence, Jonak has chosen Trace For Good to automate its traceability processes, reinforcing its commitment to transparency and sustainability.


Trace For Good was asked to meet two of Jonak's main needs: certificate and audit management, and compliance with the AGEC law.

The brand aims to achieve 100% Leather Working Group (LWG) certification for all grades, and to increase the proportion of audited production sites from 50% to 100% by 2024. To achieve its ambitions, Jonak needs to automate the process of collecting and verifying certificates, and a factory management tool to centralize audits and track the progress of its action plan.

In addition, to comply with the AGEC law, Jonak needed a tool that would enable the most efficient collaboration with all its production partners and the provision of information on the website.


Trace For Good has automated traceability for the entire Jonak collection, covering four components per product: upper, lining, outsole and sock liner, with systematic recovery of certificates, notably those from the Leather Working Group for tanneries.

A connection was established with Storeland, Jonak's ERP, to automate the transmission of product data to Trace For Good, and then with Wshop, the digital platform used by the brand, to integrate AGEC law product sheets and information collected on the platform into the website in real time.

It's also important for us to co-construct with our partner Jonak. Thanks to suggestions from Juliette Rose and Lisa Nakam, we decided to improve our software's dashboard, offering an optimized way of viewing tracking indicators.


As soon as the first traceability requests were sent out, without any intervention from the Jonak team, impressive results were obtained: in just 1 month, 77% of suppliers responded to traceability requests, and 80% of the 465 product references complied with the AGEC law.

Trace For Good has also developed product sheets customized to Jonak's visual identity, integrating specific content on footwear, the leather value chain and Jonak's CSR objectives. In this way, the brand can promote its CSR investments to its customers in a personalized way.

These product sheets are available on each product page on the Jonak website, and from a search engine that keeps the information available to the consumer for 2 years after the last unit of a reference has been marketed.

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